Rascom – QAF1R (2.9° East) Frequency List

Rascom – QAF1R (2.9° East) Frequency List

October 22, 2013 0 By admin

The Regional African Satellite Communication Organization (RASCOM) will provide telecommunication services, direct TV broadcast services and Internet access in rural areas of Africa.

On 2008-09-09 Thales Alenia Space announced it would supply RASCOMSTAR-QAF with a new satellite which will provide continuity of service for RASCOMSTAR-QAF customers.

Like RASCOM-QAF1, RASCOM-QAF1R will be based on the Spacebus 4000 B3 platform and will be fitted with twelve Ku-band and eight C-band transponders. Launch aboard an Ariane 5 ECA occurred on August 4, 2010.

Rascom – QAF1R (2.9° East) Frequency List (updated November 27, 2018)


Frequency / POL SR / FEC Channel Name
3969 R 1666 3/4 Afrique Media
3986 R 13556 5/6 RTNC
Digital Congo TV
RTGA World
RTVS 1 info card
Télé 50
B-One TV
Heritage Radio Tele Congo

– Radio

RTNC Radio
Digital Congo FM
RTGA World Radio
Top Congo FM
Raga FM
TVS1 Radio
Radio Tele 7
B-One Radio

11321 H 1700 5/6 Diaspora 24
11324 H 1485 7/8 Ca$h Chrono
11380 H 3655 3/5 La Voie Sainte Télévision
CWTV (Christal World TV)
Global TV