Federalna TV Frequency

Federalna televizija (locally known as FTV or Federalna TV) is a public mainstream TV channel operated by Radio-Television of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (RTVFBiH). The program is broadcast on a daily basis, 24 hours from RTVFBiH headquarters located in Sarajevo. The radio and television program is mainly produced in Bosnian and Croatian language. Television program initially aired on two television channels (FTV1 and FTV2). Since April 2003 the television program is reduced to one (just FTV).

According to the most recent measurements viewership of television channels in 2012, FTV is most watched television station in Bosnia and Herzegovina with 14.4% share. This television channel broadcasts a variety of programs such as news, talk shows, documentaries, sports, movies, mosaic, children ‘s programs, etc. FTV also broadcasts teletext services.

News program : Dnevnik , Vijesti , Federacija danas , Paralele

Talk shows : Pošteno , Odgovorite ljudima , Dnevnik D

Entertainment : Jutarnji program (Mosaic morning show) , MasterChef Croatia , TV Bingo Show , SuperLOTO , LOTO 5/39

Documentary Program : Dokumentarni četvrtak (Documentary Thursday) , Sedmica (Week) , Mozaik religija , Zelena panorama (Green panorama) , Ekovizija (Eco vision) , Prirodna baština (Natural heritage)

Sports program : International Boxing Federation , UEFA Champions League (in Bosnian: UEFA Liga prvaka) , UEFA Europa League (in Bosnian: UEFA Evropska liga)

Bosnian series made by FTV : Viza za budućnost (in English: Visa for the Future) , Lud, zbunjen, normalan (in English: the Crazy, the Confused, the Normal one)

Foreign series : Aşk ve Ceza (in Bosnian: Ljubav i kazna) Turkish soap opera , Ezel – Turkish soap opera , Larin izbor , Sve će biti dobro (Everything will be fine) , Dolina sunca (Sun valley) , Villa Maria

Federalna TV (televizija) Frequency on ;



Eutelsat 16A at (6° East)
10972 POL : V SR : 27500 FEC : 5/6

Across the territory of FBiH entity and BiH


Channel 002

Channel 004

Channel 008

Channel 009

M&H Company
Channel 010


Moja TV
Channel 033

Channel 002

Open IPTV (BiH)
Channel 006

Bosna TV
Channel 005

Channel 004

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