Film4 Frequency

Film4 is a digital television channel available in the United Kingdom and Ireland, owned and operated by Channel Four Television Corporation, that screens films. It offers films in standard definition free of charge. To access the high definition version of the channel, viewers must have a paid subscription with Virgin Media or Sky.

Launched :1 November 1998
Owned by : Channel Four Television Corporation
Picture format : 576i (SDTV 16:9), 1080i (HDTV)
Audience share : 1.4% 0.2% (+1) (July 2013, BARB)
Slogan : “Great films for free”
Country : United Kingdom
Formerly called : FilmFour (1998–2006)
Sister channel(s) : 4seven
Channel 4
Smash Hits
The Box

Film4 offers a mix of major Hollywood films with great British films, both new and old, alongside timeless classics and cult favourites. The channel has an ongoing commitment to showcasing British films and filmmakers, with one in four of all films transmitting on the channel coming from the UK.

FilmFour logo 1998–2006film4

Film4 was started in 1982 as Film4 Productions, a film production company owned by Channel Four Television Corporation and has been responsible for backing a large number of films made in the United Kingdom, and around the world. The company’s first production was Walter, directed by Stephen Frears, which was released in 1982. In 1998, the outfit was re-branded as FilmFour, to coincide with the launch of a new Digital TV channel of the same name. Film4 was originally known as FilmFour and became Channel 4’s second channel (after Channel 4 itself).

It was a subscription-only service available on satellite television via the Sky platform, digital terrestrial via ITV Digital (until the platform went into administration in 2002), and most UK cable services. It cost £5.99 a month, eventually rising to up to £7. The launch night, which was also broadcast on Channel 4, was hosted by Johnny Vaughan and the first film to be shown was What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

Film4 Frequency on;



Channel 15
Channel 45 (+1)


Channel 300
Channel 301 (+1)

Channel 315 (HD)
Channel 316 (+1)
Channel 342 (SD)

Astra 2E / Astra 2F / Astra 2G (28.2° East)
10715 POL : H SR : 22000 FEC : 5/6
11856 POL : V SR : 29500 FEC : 8/9
10729 POL : V SR : 22000 FEC : 5/6

Amos 3 / Amos 7 (4.0° West)
10806 POL : V SR : 30000 FEC : 3/4

Intelsat 907 (27.5° West)
11495 POL : V SR : 44100 FEC : 9/10


Virgin Media
Channel 428
Channel 429 (HD)
Channel 430 (+1)

Smallworld Cable
Channel 315
Channel 316 (+1)

UPC Ireland
Channel 323
Channel 324 (+1)

UPC Cablecom (Switzerland)
Channel 166 (CH-D)

Naxoo (Switzerland)
Channel 226

Channel 29
Channel 30 (+1)


Programmes available on-demand

SwisscomTV (Switzerland)
Channel arbitrary

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