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Express-AM5 (140° East) Frequency List

By on April 26, 2015

Satellite Name: Express AM5 (Ekspress AM5, EAM5)
Status: active
Position: 140° E (140° E)
Norad: 39487
Cospar number: 2013-077A
Operator: Russian Satellite Communications Company
Launch date: 26-Dec-2013
Launch site: Baikonur Cosmodrome
Launch vehicle: Proton M
Launch mass (kg): 3400
Dry mass (kg): 1030
Manufacturer: ISS Reshetnev (ex NPO PM)(Bus)/Thales Alenia Space
Model (bus): Ekspress-2000
Orbit: GEO
Expected lifetime: 15 yrs.

Call sign:
Beacon(s): 3850 RHCP, 3850.5 LHCP, 11199.5 RHCP, 18565 RHCP, 19690 LHCP
Details: 30 C-band, 40 Ku-band, 12 Ka-band, 2 L-band transponders
C-band Fixed Russia beam (active)
Ku-band Fixed Zone 1 beam (active)
Ku-band Fixed Zone 2 beam (active)
Ku-band Steerable beam (active)
Ku-band Steerable beam (active)
Ka-band Spot 01 beam (active)
Ka-band Spot 02 beam (active)
Ka-band Spot 03 beam (active)
Ka-band Spot 04 beam (active)
Ka-band Spot 05 beam (active)
Ka-band Spot 06 beam (active)
Ka-band Spot 07 beam (active)
Ka-band Spot 08 beam (active)
Ka-band Spot 09 beam (active)
Ka-band Spot 10 beam (active)
C-band Global beam (predicted)
C-band Steerable beam (predicted)

Express-AM5 (Russian: Экспресс АМ5) is a Russian communications satellite which was launched in 2013.

Part of the Ekspress series of geostationary communications satellites, it is owned and operated by the Russian State Company for Satellite Communications.

Express-AM5 (140° East) Frequency List (Updated August 20, 2017)


Frequency / POL SR / FEC Channel name
3571 R 3150 3/4 OTV Sakhalin
3577 R 4285 3/4 GTRK Magadan

– Radio:

Radio Rossii Magadan

3584 R 3000 3/4 Kolyma+
– Radio:

Dorozhnoe Radio 105.5 FM Magadan

3589 R 4340 3/4 GTRK Amur

– Radio:

Radio Rossii Amur

3608 R 4340 3/4 GTRK Kamchatka

– Radio:

Radio Rossii Kamchatka

3623 R 1785 3/4 Guberniya (Khabarovsk)
3627 R 4340 3/4 GTRK Sakha

– Radio:

Radio Rossii Sakha

3632 R 4340 3/4 GTRK Vladivostok

– Radio:

Radio Rossii Primorje

3639 R 1000 3/4 – Radio:

Radio SV (Kamchatka)

3675 R 33483 7/8
Rossiya 1 (+8h)
Rossiya K (+7h)
NTV (+7h)
5 Kanal Russia(+7h)
Rossiya 1 (+6h)
Rossiya 2
Perviy kanal (+8h)
Perviy kanal (+6h)

– Radio:

Radio Rossii (+6h)
Radio Rossii (+8h)
Radio Mayak

3875 R 3200 3/4 TK Belyj Veter / STS (Anadyr)

– Radio:

Purga Radio

4180 R 4340 3/4 GTRK Sakhalin

– Radio:

Radio Rossii Sakhalin

10981 V 44948 5/6
(Vostochnii Express)
Telekanal Aist
Perviy kanal (+6h)
Rossiya 1 (+6h)
TV Centr Dal’;nii Vostok (+7h)
Rossiya K (+4h)
5 Kanal (+4h)
REN TV (+7h)
Paramount Channel Russia
Nickelodeon Russia
Shanson TV
Nashe TV
Domashnij Telekanal (+7h)
TNT (+7h)
Muz TV
Mir Seriala
Rossiya 24
NTV (+7h)
Nash Futbol
Karusel (+7h)
Detskiy Mir
STS (+7h)
Mir (+7h)
Pyatnica! (+4h)
Guberniya (Khabarovsk)
NVK Sakha
TV1000 Russkoe Kino
Arig Us
Orion-Express Digest
Shop & Show

– Radio:

Europa Plus (+7h)
Retro FM (+7h)

11035 V 22040 7/8 [Data]
11082 H 2500 1/2 [Altegro Sky]
11124 V 3618 3/4
NVK Sakha
Sakha 24
NVK Sakha Pokrovsk
Mamont TV

– Radio:

Radio Sakha
Radio Rossii Yakutiya
Radio Mayak

11387 V 30000 3/4
FilmBox Arthouse
Pingvin LoLo
Pro100 TV
F·L’Original HD
U TV (I-O) (0h)
Outdoor Channel International HD
OTV Primor’;e
History Russia
Match! HD
Cartoon Ne2rk Russia & South Eastern Europe
Match! Football 2
Match! Boets
Match! Arena
Match! Nash sport
Match! Igra
Match! Football 1
Match! Football 3
Prodvizhenie (Dalniy Vostok)
Food Ne2rk Russia
Russkaya Noch
7 Kanal
8 Kanal Russia (0h)
Otkrytiy Mir
TNT Music
Raz TV
11495 V 10600 9/10 [HeliosNet]
11530 H 22250 2/3
(Vostochnii Express)
Perviy kanal HD (+4h)
Kanal Disney Russia (+7h)
RTG TV HD (Russian Travel Guide)
Telekanal 2×2 (+5h)
TV1000 East
VH1 Classic Europe
Sony Sci-Fi Russia
Sony Channel Russia
L!FE info card
Extreme Sports Channel
Telekanal Che (+7h)
STS Love
STS (+7h)
Domashnij Telekanal (+7h)
Telekanal Che (+7h)
11557 H 22250 2/3
(Vostochnii Express)
SET Eastern Europe HD
Rossiya HD
RTG TV HD (Russian Travel Guide)
Animal Planet Russia HD
Zagorodnaya Zhizn
Telekanal Teatr
Okhota i Rybalka
DTX Russia (Discovery Turbo Xtra)
Discovery Science
Rusong TV
TV1000 Premium HD (SD)
TV1000 Megahit HD (SD)
TV1000 Comedy HD (SD)
Viasat Sport East
11599 V 5500 3/4 [AOL]
11665 V 38400 5/6
(Vostochnii Express)
Spike Russia
Animal Planet Russia
Discovery Channel Russia
OTR (Obshestvennoe TV Rossiya)
TV3 Russia (+7h)
TLC Russia
Investigation Discovery Xtra Russia
TV Zvezda (+7h)
Amedia 2
Zee TV Russia
Ocean TV
Amedia 1
Amedia Premium HD (SD)
Lyubimoe Kino
Kino TV
Russkiy Roman
Russkij Bestseller
Russkij Detektiv
Eurosport 1 Russia
Moya Planeta
MTV Russia
Russkij Illusion
Nauka 2.0
JimJam Rossiya
Top Shop TV Russia

– Radio:

Europa Plus (+5h)
Retro FM (+5h)

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