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Azerspace 1 / Africasat-1A (46° East) Frequency List

By on November 7, 2013

Azerspace-1/Africasat-1a, also known as AzerSat-1 is Azerbaijan ‘s first satellite in space. Built by Orbital Sciences Corporation, it was launched into orbit on February 7, 2013 from Kourou in French Guiana at orbital positions 46° east.

The satellite was launched aboard Ariane 5. The satellite covers Europe and a significant part of Asia and Africa. It has transmission capabilities for TV, radio broadcasting and the internet.

The satellite has an anticipated service life of 15 years. It is believed that the satellite cost of US$ 120 million and was established by Orbital Sciences Corporation.

Azerspace 1 / Africasat-1A (46° East) Satellite Frequency List (December 1, 2015)

Frequency / POL SR / FEC Channel name
3730 V 30000 3/4
Reuters TV News
RR Media promo
National Geographic Channel France
Nat Geo Wild HD France
Fox Entertainment (Güney Afrika)
FX Africa (Güney Afrika)
Purpleturtle TV
National Geographic Channel Africa
Nat Geo Gold Africa
DD Podhigai
DD Sahyadri
DD Saptagiri
DD Urdu
Apostolic Oneness Ne2rk
MTV Base Africa
3754 V 1657 Auto Gotel Africa
3833 V 1060 2/3 GBS
3840 POL : H SR : 6207 FEC : 5/6 [Data]
3888 POL : V SR : 4583 FEC : 3/4 [Data]
3890 Pol:H SR : 30000 FEC : 4/5 [Data]
3930 POL : H SR : 30000 FEC : 9/10 [Data]
4020 V 1180 3/4 Evangel TV
4024 V 1190 3/4 Celebration TV
4026 V 1200 3/4 Kingdom Life Ne2rk (KLN TV)
4027 V 1156 3/4 Champions of Fire TV
4077 V 7500 8/9 [Data]
4027 V 1320 Auto Spirit Word
4140 H 6500 3/4 [Data]
4145 H 6666 2/3 Samanyolu TV Avrupa
10967 H 3200 5/6 Ajara TV
10998 V 3570 5/6
Kultura Ukraine

– Radyo:


11025 V 12690 5/6 Region TV
Alternativ TV
Türkel TV
Gunes TV

– Radio:

Kepez FM

11039 V 3700 5/6
Uaan TV
Kahkeshan TV
11045 V 7500 Auto [feed]
11048 V 3333 5/6 [Az TV feed]
11048 V 12500 2/3 [Lig TV feed]
11055 V 22710 5/6 EBC.1
11066 H 10000 5/6 1 TV (Georgia)
2 TV (Georgia)
11095 H 27500 5/6
(Sky Caucasus)
1 TV (Georgia)
2 TV (Georgia)
Objieqtivi TV
Ajara TV

– Radio:

Radio 1
Radio Maestro

11135 H 27500 5/6
(Teleradio İ.B)
Space TV
Lider TV
Perviy kanal
NTV (0h)
AMC (Azerbaijan Music Channel)
Dunya TV Azerbaycan
CBC Sport HD (Caspian Broadcasting Company Sport)

– Radio:

ANS Ch. M. Radio
Space Radio
Radio Sputnik
Lider FM

11135 V 28800 5/6
(Sky Caucasus)
NTV Plus Kinoklub
NTV Plus Premiera
Kino Plus
Nashe kino (NTV+)
Nashe Novoe Kino
Kino soyuz
Nash Futbol
Discovery Channel Russia
Investigation Discovery Europe
DTX (Discovery Turbo Xtra)
Discovery Science
Cartoon Ne2rk Russia & South Eastern Europe
Okhota i Rybalka
Kuhnya TV
Indiya TV
Channel 9 Israel
Da Vinci Learning
Rossiya K
Setanta Sports HD
Setanta Sports HD Plus
Animal Planet Russia
TLC Russia
HD Kino
HD Kino 2
HD Life
5.10 HD
TV1000 Action East
TV1000 Russkoe Kino
Viasat Explorer East
Viasat History
Viasat Nature East
Viasat Sport East
TV1000 HD
11174 V 28800 5/6
Comedy TV HD Georgia
Mall TV
Kartuli Arkhi HD
Telekanal Che
ArtArea TV HD
Voice of Abkhazia HD
Eurosport Russia
Eurosport 2 Russia
Myvideo TV
Silk Kino Klasika HD
Silk Kino Hollywood HD
Silk Kino Koleqcia HD
Silk Sport HD 1
Silk Sport HD 2
Dardimandi HD
TVS Georgia
REN TV (+7h)
Rustavi 2
Imedi TV
Qartuli TV
Ertsulovneba HD
TV3 HD Georgia
Music Box
Kvemo Kartli HD
Saperavi TV HD
11175 H 27500 5/6
(Teleradio İ.B)
İctimai TV
CBC (Caspian Broadcasting Company)
Medeniyyet TV
İdman Azerbaijan
Xazar TV
Azad Azerbaycan TV
İdman HD

– Radio:

1 Respublika
İctimai Radio FM 90
Araz FM
Antenn 101 FM
Media FM
Azerbaycan Burç FM
Avto FM
Radio INT (Azarbeycanın Sesi Radyosu)
106.3 FM Azad Azerbaycan
Xazar FM

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  1. Doo

    July 1, 2015 at 10:21 am

    Good day,i want to know if i can track Idman/Aztv in Ghana with 1.8meter C band dish.

  2. hosein

    October 2, 2015 at 1:27 pm

    Salam allariz agremasen .hosein jenobe azarbiganen.zangan shahrendan

  3. Alex

    October 17, 2015 at 9:43 am

    can I find IDMANAZERBYCAN on c-band LNB on Azerspace46e satellite there is downlink coverage here in africa ( Ethiopia )but i really do not know whether Idman is on c-band or not pls sb answer me thanks

    • admin

      October 19, 2015 at 8:39 pm

      It is not on c-band and Idman TV on Central Asia beem.

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